Wednesday, August 2, 2017


Part of me keeps wondering how this straw bag trend came about? Like how did I blink and everyone fashion savvy started rocking the straw bags? And how did people genuinely like it?!?! I'm starting to feel like I haven't really dipped my feet into the fashion pool, but that's okay because in a world where straw bags are the equivalent to aviators, well I haven't seen anything yet! To make things a little more dramatic, why not pair that straw bag with some fringe jeans, you sexy stylish farmer!

[This is where I go into my usual rant, so either enjoy the pictures or keep on reading!] 

I'm going to keep it pretty honest with you like I usually do, but I've been spending the last few months thinking about how to define my style. It's been fun wearing things that I would normally stay away from. After obsessing over other peoples style, I've come to the realization that there are NO RULES in fashion. My favorite looks are the ones that are so mismatched that they trick you into liking them. I still consider myself a novice in this area and man have I been struggling! And when I say struggling...I mean being human. I keep comparing my style to others trying to determine if I'm doing something right or if I'm doing it wrong. Where I used to play it safe out of lack of inspiration, I find myself playing it safe out of fear from being rejected by other fashion spectators. I realize this is a problem and I'm working to fix it, because lord I don't need to question every article of clothing that goes on my body. I feel like I'm lost in a sea of clothing and I'm eternally doomed to never know what to wear. Bare with me as I try to find my groove back! I'm working this week on de-cluttering my closet and MIND. I am literally stressing myself out for no reason. I want you to know that you're not alone...we all drive ourselves crazy. NEITHER of us is perfect and that's okay. 

If you're feeling the pressure you're giving yourself, then please take this week with me and let's start that positive self-love journey all over again. If you don't mind sharing, please leave me a comment on what you do to de-stress!

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  1. Cutie Pie♥ I love this straw bag thing! I'm glad I've been delving into fashion with ya!It's a heck of a ride!