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 Behind every spunky, dare-to-be-different, confident girl is a group of women who have led her to believe that her ideas are brilliant and she cannot be stopped. And if someone tries...the wrath of a thousand felines will be unleashed. Yes, these are my sweet feline friends. My name is Jenessy and I'm a feminist. Welcome to the group.

These ladies right here are absolutely amazing. They are the definition of a true female friend. The force of friendship with these ones is strong. If you have ever gotten close and personal with me, you will have learned two things. One, I'm quiet when you think you know me and I have no limits when you do. Two, I refuse to waste time talking about my feelings. There's nothing wrong with having feelings, because everyone has them. I just don't want to push them on others...unless I have to. Well, I 'm about to unleash some feelings and you have been warned. (If you come for the fashion and not this long ass story, then please scroll down to the outfit details.)


The natural beauty that you see to your left is named Mikayla. She has the magic touch on all these pictures. She's my photographer! If she will let me claim her...I'm claiming her! We met in high school but we never really hung out until our Freshman year of college. She guided me to my lovely husband. If I had not met her...I don't know if I would have met him that fall evening at the college radio station. Since I have known Mikayla, I have thrown ideas out there and she's always like, "You should do it!" and I always do. I even wrote a children's book in Spanish and English that hopefully one day we could publish with her illustrations. Throughout the time that I have known her...she has never put me down but she has always been honest. Sincerity seems like it's becoming harder to find as I get older and this is something that I will always cherish. She's a hardworking single mom to a beautiful little girl named Isla...and she does an amazing job. Isla is as free spirited as her mommy is and that's such a huge blessing. Being friends with Mikayla has taught me that I don't need to be afraid to be who I am.

This beautiful soul to the right is Alicia! We have also been friends since high school and it wasn't until recently that I had found that she was a fellow hippie soul'ed individual. This could be why we get along so well. She has so many qualities that have also pushed me to own who I am unapologetically. One of the best qualities that this chica has is her strong personality. She is always my adventuring friend. If it sounds like fun, then we will most likely do it! Our friendship isn't all on the surface. She's the friend who knows ALL of the details even if she doesn't want to. Honestly, she gets the privilege of knowing because she always pushes me in the right direction. And believe me, if I'm wrong for something...I will know. These girls are the best! We all help each other be better humans and we lift each other up. This is what friendship and female empowerment is supposed to be.

Now that I have bored you with my love story...please find these outfit details below. Thank you for being patient and reading on. Happy Hump Day, lovelies!

For MIKAYLA'S outfit click HERE
JENESSY Faux Leather Drawstring Tote 
Granada High Waisted Denim Shorts
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