Friday, September 30, 2016



FALL IS HERE! The chilly fall breeze comes to visit with feelings of nostalgia and comfort. It brings about those high school feelings of sneaking out at night with your closest friends, just to meet up at the levee. It tastes just like my first sip of wine hitting the bottom of my belly. Most of all, it brings back memories of driving around late at night with Lissie blaring on my car stereo. I’m sure I’m not the only one going down memory lane these nights! What are your favorite fall memories?
One thing that I love about fall is the opportunity of making new memories and traditions. This year my hubby and I are fortunate enough to have two toddlers running around. Amidst all the beautiful chaos, we still manage to set time aside to take each other out on the town and make our own little memories, aside from the girls.
I’m planning on wearing this outfit next time we decide to get away from the kiddos. This romper is extremely comfortable and hugs all the right places. I tend to hide my cleavage, so I really like that this romper shows off just enough cleavage…without anything “falling out.” I love, love, love this color scheme of plaid and burgundy. I was lucky to have found these burgundy boots on Nordstrom Rack, under $30! These boots can add a pop of color to any neutral outfit! This outfit is definitely going into the favorites pile:)

{Shop the look below}

P.S. The romper & earrings are on sale! Get to it:P

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