Friday, September 9, 2016


It's that time of the year again, where we are raising our eyebrows, oohing and ahhing at the trends set for the upcoming Fall and Spring. It's New York Fashion Week! While I don't exactly have access to all these posh events, I have been keeping up religiously this year. Thanks to all of Instagram's help, I can watch the runway shows, living vicariously through the top style bloggers. Hey! That could be me one day, accidentally spilling coffee on my designer top at the corner of Fifth Avenue. I know that's bound to spilling coffee on myself, because I always manage to do so. I typically have the attitude that you should just wear whatever the hell you want, but there's nothing wrong with being painfully curious. 

The fall fashion forecast is calling for florals this year. You get to keep all of your florals and just transition them into fall. I guess this sort of means that we get to keep a little bit of summer in our lives, and I am not complaining about that! This romper has been one of my easiest pieces to put together. Which to be honest, I'm a pretty lax person, so most of my pieces are usually easy to put together, but this is a romper and it really can't get easier than that. What I love most about this romper is how versatile it is to style and wear. You can easily play it down or play it up. The floral patterns on this romper are very Mexico meets Baroque...pretty interesting combination. Since we are still stuck in summer--and keep in mind, I live in Louisiana--I am still wearing this romper with sandals, but as the weather begins getting cooler, I'm looking forward to all the booties and jackets I can wear with this look. I hope you're as excited as I am! Below are links to shop a fall version of this look. Enjoy! 


P.S. How do you plan on styling your favorite floral pieces this Fall? Comment below ;)

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